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Need a qualified attorney to represent you in court? Tonya Courson Attorney & Counselor At Law in West Monroe, LA is the firm to call on when you have a serious or simple legal issue. My firm specializes in family law, personal injury, civil law, bankruptcy, and more. Call us today at 318-397-4388 to find out more about our legal services:

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West Monroe is home to many able lawyers, but if you need legal advice and don’t have an attorney, where are you going to turn to? Tonya Courson Attorney & Counselor At Law is an attorney of distinction with 13 years of experience helping you make informed decisions.

I am a premier attorney, dedicated to client’s cases from day one by providing them with quality legal representation with the results they’ve come to expect. My staff and I are experienced in handling cases in the areas of family law such as divorce and child custody, bankruptcy law, civil litigation, business law, and personal injury. As an aggressive trial attorney and litigator, you can trust my firm to possess the skill and knowledge needed to protect your rights throughout the court process.

Whether you need assistance in establishing a fair support award in you divorce case, or require a strong advocate to achieve a settlement in your civil and business case, Tonya Courson Attorney & Counselor At Law in West Monroe, LA gets it done. To speak to an attorney about your case, call 318-397-4388 and schedule for a free initial consultation today.

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